Take manage of Your existence - part II - solution identification, advice and Implementation

specifically within the present day age of credit score crunch, economic issues, social troubles and different uncertainties, we want some thing more than our sincere concerted efforts to take our existence to quantum ranges of development, full of considerable levels of success. this is the space which this age antique method of Horoscope primarily based evaluation and gemology based holistic solution will abridge. Our analogy is based totally on different analogies given with the aid of one-of-a-kind human beings with recognize to astronomy, astrology, air of secrecy, Yoga, gemology etc. We suppose it has given us sufficient testimony to suggest as to how planets have an effect on humans, why gem stones may be used to counteract those effects and many others. this text tries at taking a extra medical view of this modern technique to growing best of existence.

As was said in component I, Planets have an effect on us. How? The radiations emitted by using each planet affect our mind and subsequently our movements. (effect of Celestial gadgets on Earthly objects). Why do radiations of earth not affect us? due to the fact we are already in that electro-magnetic radiation field and our bodies are attuned to it.

So how is it physically feasible for planets to have an effect on us? they're thus far away? - much like suns rays come right down to the earth and have an effect on the existence on this planet, the very gravitational pull and electricity, hand made jewellery because of which the entire technological know-how of Newton's theories are based, the very same way planets themselves have their personal gravitational forces and electro-magnetic radiation, which to some thing millionth or a billionth diploma reach the surface of the earth. present day day technological know-how both does no longer have the equipments to show this or has discarded the sort of influences as negligible considering they're so small.

but whilst we come to think about it, the very neurons in our brains, that are tormented by these forces, are themselves one millionth or one billionth in length of our frame. And small impulses in them motive us to elevate our hands, run, or drive a car, an aircraft, to suppose and many others. At that scale of factors it does appear quite logical that we can be prompted with the aid of the ones very electromagnetic radiation / forces.

We know that all of us have air of secrecy - or stages of recognition of idea. we can method the have an effect on of radiations from the planets not from a physical attitude (as explained above) but from an auric angle, considering that that ties in with masses of different mystic and oriental sciences and the desires they are trying to attain at a body-thoughts-spirit level essentially better excellent of life or lifestyles balance. (we are able to leave the physical connection of charisma / tiers of recognition to our mind and actions, to the discoverers of air of mystery) a different point, in an effort to hyperlink in to our next subject matter of debate, is that radiations of various planets have an effect on our one-of-a-kind tiers of attention or air of mystery differently and they achieve this at a subconscious stage. every Planet is related to a unique nature and behavioral characteristics. the way it affects a person and an associated focus stage is depending on where inside the zodiac the planet is located, what changed into its aspect and so on.

2nd query why then in the horoscope chart, do we seek advice from the placement of planets on the time of start to predict activities in all likelihood 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or maybe 70 to 80 years down the line after the beginning?